I am a research assistant at Fraunhofer (FIT Institute), working on software architecture problems in the Internet of Things. I recently finished a master program at RWTH Aachen University, where I mostly focused on applying machine learning techniques to improve defect detection in Industry 4.0 production systems.

In 2014, I finished an internship at Baidu Research (IDL lab) working on the development of Baidu Eye, a head-mounted device that enables natural interactions with company's search and other services. Prior to that, I was an intern at Microsoft Research Asia (former HCI group) with focus on research and development of wearable computing devices (i.e. Traceband) as well as interactive interfaces (i.e. Metro Interactive Tiles).

I have completed a BSc in Computer Science at Multimedia University, during which I worked on projects such as 2D Mapping and Data Collection using mobile vehicle robots.


Selected Projects